Monday, April 19, 2010

Our First BBQ of the Year

We enjoyed our first BBQ of the year last night. It was a beautiful evening with the birds singing in the hedges, the smell of our freshly cut grass and the aromas of veggies and chicken on the grill. Our senses were full before we ever sat down for dinner.

I buy one whole chicken every week. We decided Sunday nights are our nights for a big dinner. Patrick usually roasts chicken and veggies and steams more veggies and mashes potatoes, makes gravy - the works. However, with the warmer temperatures, roasted chicken is less appealing. So last night, for a change, Patrick BBQ'd our chicken instead. He started by quartering the chicky. He then marinated it in a concoction of BBQ sauce,vinegar, soy sauce, chili seasoning, salt and pepper before precooking it in a moderate oven. To finish the bird off, he crisped it on the grill with kebab'd veggies of mushrooms, onions and green peppers.

Before Patrick got to the cooking, we went in to Kilrush for a few messages, stopped off in Kilkee to visit with some friends and pick up a few beers and a "99" before taking the Coast Road back to Carrigaholt. A 99 Flake is a lovely soft-serve ice cream cone. Usually Patrick and I will treat ourselves and share a cone. Yesterday I got my very own!!!

When we got back to the house, Patrick took on the lawn, one his favorite things to do. Honest. He really enjoys mowing the lawn. I helped by taking the clippings from him and then got the chance to mow a few rows in the back garden. Great fun and a pretty good appetite builder. A couple that mows together, grows together!

After the garden was tidy, Patrick started the grill and I whipped up a salad with butter lettuce, tomatoes, apple and a dressing which I made with some of the home made apple and cranberry jam I made last week, vinegar, poppy seeds and cranberry juice.

We were a bit busy on Skype with my parents and the chicky and veggies were a bit more crispy than Patrick intended (just like I like chicken - charcoaly). Nevertheless, dinner was beautiful at our Sunset Diner; sunset included.

All in all it was a perfect Sunday and tasty first BBQ of the year!

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