Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baking Soda or Bread Soda as they say in Ireland

I have a family cookbook. It's filled with loads of recipes, even repeats that I will probably never try. There are a few passed down through the generations and even tips and hints and substitutions for the kitchen.

One of my favorites is the use of baking soda (bread soda) in "acidic" sauces/dishes to tone down the acidity, therefore making it less likely that the enjoyer will experience indigestion.

I've tried this little trick in spaghetti sauces as well as curry dishes and have found it to help. Tonight I am trying a few pinches in the sausage gravy I've made to accompany the homemade biscuits. We'll see if it helps?

Based on the tip in my families cookbook, I usually mix in about a teaspoon when the sauce is nearly ready to serve. It's amazing the difference it makes, especially with tomato-based dishes.

It's worth a try and easy enough to add a little bit until you find the amount you're most comfortable incorporating.

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