Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Expected-Unexpected Visitor

Wow, it's 6 o'clock. I'm up. The birds are up. The sun's not quite up. And the house is too peaceful to do anything other than sit in front of the computer.

We expected my family to visit us this week; however, due to the Icelandic volcano activity my parents' and grandmother's flights were cancelled. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your view. My brother's flight, last night out of DC, was not cancelled. As I type he should be preparing to land in London and in a few short hours he'll be in the car with me driving back to Carrigaholt.

Just last night I was enjoying steak and lobster, Surf and Turf where slices are made in the steak and lobster slivers are inserted just before you put the steak on the grill. This is something Patrick and I have dreamed of enjoying together for a very long time and now it is muted by the surreal feeling surrounding my brother's expected-unexpected visit to Ireland.

Usually, when I've seen Chadd in the last 10 or so years he's been with his family - some of my favorite people in this world, and this time, it's just him. Plus, I don't think he's ever stayed at "my home". I've stayed at his a handful of times and enjoyed great company, great food and one heck of a schedule. With four children, there's a lot to be said for any "free" time a person can make or find. Not to mention, there's so many "firsts" we'll get to experience together...

being in Ireland together
enjoying our first Guinness or whiskey or Irish Coffee, in Ireland, together
Driving my brother around, on the right side drive, left side of the road and in another country
blah, blah blah

You get my point. Who can think of last night's dinner when the days ahead have a new air of excitement about them.

All this excitement, and I only bought messages for Patrick and I for the week (messages are, in fact, groceries or they can also be a shot of liqueur or similar in your coffee or tea). In this case they're groceries. Heck, we don't even have any messages for our drinks! What's a person to do...

And so, we figure out why it is I am awake before the sun and before Patrick. My mind is working through all the food possibilities.

Pollock tonight, Bacon and cabbage tomorrow, BBQ chicken Saturday. And then of course we've got breakfasts and lunches in between. Maybe a Traditional Fry tomorrow, Pancakes Friday, an Omelet Saturday. Oh and I can't forget to serve him crab claws - one of the foods I love most about Ireland, especially since my fisherman brings them home for me.

Did I mention dessert? I was thinking of bread pudding to use up the last of the Tiger Bread or possibly Banoffee Pie, think Chadd would enjoy that one. Luckily I have Cowboy Cookie dough in the freezer, so those can be baked for treats.

Now to move this growing list from my head to paper.

Imagine, I'll be back here on Sunday afternoon to post of the short weekend with my brother, food we enjoyed, drink too. Stay tuned!!!

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  1. What an amazing opportunity you and your brother now have to get to know each otehr in a whole new way and with a totally different dynamic!
    Expect nothing, go with the flow and laugh every time you feel challenged! : )