Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Real Flop - Peach Gallette

Some days are better spent somewhere other than the kitchen! OK, maybe not an entire day; but instead the amount of time I spend making something when it ultimately FLOPS, that's the time that would be better served somewhere other than the kitchen! Some things should simply be skipped. For me, that would be homemade custard or any variety!

Last night's dinner was comprised of Blackened Fish Tacos and leftover Pasta Salad. The Tacos were D-lish, the salad an extra filler and then I thought we'd end the meal with a lovely Peach Gallett and that's where the story goes South!

For anyone unfamiliar, Peach Gallette is a fruit pie with custard baked in the middle, only my custard was more like scrambled eggs. Uach! Patrick and I suffered through the dessert wishing we'd simply enjoyed the peaches in a bowl. The sad truth is, this isn't my first attempt at making a "custard" dessert. In fact, it's my third attempt and as I put the first bite into my mouth I could hear my own voice repeating in my head, "don't ever make custard-anything, again!"

Why didn't that voice pop into my head the moment I started mixing the egg, sugar and milk together (the second and third time)? I really should know better; however, I guess it's the hopeless optimistic who believes, if I keep trying different recipes I will eventually achieve success with a custard dessert.

As I mentioned this being my third attempt and third recipe the only conclusion I can draw is, maybe I need an electric mixer to get everything to "stick" together or one other conclusion, I CANNOT MAKE CUSTARD DESSERTS! Either way, I figured if I wrote a blog about the sad experience then maybe I would commit to memory what I am not ever going to do again - make custard desserts. There, that should be well ingrained now!

So on to better adventures, I've got plenty of tortillas leftover from last night's dinner which will be perfect to start our Saturday morning with Breakfast Burritos - something my dad used to make for our family on weekends, when we were growing up. Mmmm, the only ingredients missing will be Pace Picante Salsa and American-style Bacon. Now I'm getting hungry and I just finished breakfast. Aah, well, my food, my life!

Last night's dishes are calling my name, as is the laundry, the weeds on the curb and probably something else that needs cleaned. Off I go!

Happy Friday!


  1. Here's how I make custard. It's a fool-proof plan:
    wisk cold milk into the pudding mix and chill.


  2. Haha, nice one Andrea! I'll remember that, only we don't really have "pudding" mixes over here.

  3. I'll send you some pudding mix if you send me some desserts!